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Are You Vacation Ready Checklist?

A few simple rules to help prevent theft while you are away on vacation.

A few simple rules to help prevent theft while you are away on vacation.

• Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to collect your mail and newspapers, keep your sidewalk and driveway clear, and park his or her car in your driveway. You can also request that mail deliveries be stopped or re-routed to a different address until you return.

• Consider light switch timers, especially multiple timers on a random setting. They are inexpensive and make your home appear lived in.

• Installing a home security system and outdoor motion detectors may deter burglars from targeting your home.

• Inspect your home before you leave. Put away bicycles and gardening or snow removal equipment, and be sure to lock your shed. Closely trim trees and shrubs to keep your house in plain view.

• If loading luggage into your car, do so in your garage if possible, so you don't alert potential thieves you are leaving.

• Leave curtains and/or blinds as you would normally keep them while at home but be sure to store any jewellery, valuables and important paperwork out of sight or in a home safe or bank safety deposit box. Noticeable changes in your home's typical appearance may hint that you are away.

• Don't announce your vacation plans in casual conversations, in emails or on social networking sites

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